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Are features restricted with Free Defraggler ?

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For the past >20 years I have used a free defrag tool that is now no longer supported.

Recently I acquired a new custom build (3 drives) tower AND a Lenovo laptop, both 64bit Win7 PRO

So it is time to move into the 21st century. :rolleyes:


For the last 5 hours I have read all Defraggler web-pages I can find, and am impressed with the online "Documentation",

I simply did not know Defraggler is so versatile and sophisticated


A few questions:

  • how many seats can I use PRO Defraggler on ?
  • are any features in PRO, disabled in free version
  • Defraggler's INI file

    Documentation page http://www.piriform.com/docs/defraggler/advanced-usage/working-with-defragglers-ini-file ... Working with Defragglers INI file

        -  will the INI file be fully functional with portable Defraggler


            -  ContextMenu items

            -  will this work with portable Defraggler ?

            - or is the shell extension only available in the local installation version


            -  if Windows Disk Defragmenter is disabled will Defraggler honor my Windows setting, to not defrag?

Thank you I would appreciate any guidance, thank you :)

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Pro is limited to one location (can be used as a portable). As far as differences, to the best of my knowledge, outside of auto-update I don't believe there's any major ones.

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