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Time to move/hide the registry cleaner?

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I keep seeing threads, here and elsewhere, where a user has junked their system by overuse of the registry cleaner.


Despite all the warnings they blithely go ahead and delete all the registry keys with found issues, without making a backup first.

And then start moaning that CCleaner has junked their computer.


We have also seen the recent cases of Microsoft removing CCleaner during Windows Upgrades and Updates, because MIcrosoft don't like registry cleaners. (They dropped their own reg cleaner with XP).



Maybe its time to move the registry cleaner and not give it a big, prominent, button anymore.

So that people who don't know what problems it can cause are less likely to use it blindly?


Yes there is still a use for registry cleaners (Microsoft disagree), if used properly by someone who knows what they are doing.


But having the big button, (and right below the general cleaning button at that), tempts non tech-savvy computer users to run a tool that can cause damage if not used with care.


Wouldn't it make more sense to put it on the 'Tools' menu, along with 'Drive Wiper', 'System Restore', etc.

This would show that it is there if you need it, but like the other tools there it's not something that you should use everyday.

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Windows 10 is probably too new to be running any registry cleaner on it, even the so-called "gentle" registry cleaner that CCleaner has.




Microsoft's registry cleaner that was built into their free online virus scanning service was very dangerous, it would cause Office to need a repair install.


CCleaner's registry cleaner never finds anything on my system anymore partly because there's no Microsoft updates for XP anymore, but also because I track the installation of software with Total Uninstall and when I remove software with it there's no left-overs for the registry cleaner to find.

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It would be good to do something to protect the unwary.  

But . . . 

Wherever the registry cleaner is located, it will still cause trouble for some users.


Given the number of CCleaner users, the reports of registry goof ups are quite few.


A different idea, not necessarily better, put a stronger warning in place. 


Related question: What causes the occasional reports that the registry backup fails?  

That's the only part of this registry business that troubles me.  

Never happens here.  

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Keep it but take it off the main screen and treat it as a 'tool'.


But as @login123 states, they will still find it and screw things up.  Less likelihood, but never under estimate the chances of the end-user pushing every button possible just to "see what happens".


This forum gets as many complaints about Wipe Free Space and Dup File Finder as it does Registry cleaning.

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I think a solution to the registry cleaner backups failing to work (merge/import) could be easily remedied if Piriform would have a tickable box in CCleaner to create a System Restore Point. Of course while keeping the original .REG file backup as an option too so someone could have a two-fold backup with both the .REG file, and a System Restore Point. In some instances restoring Windows Registry data via a .REG file won't work properly, hence the reason for having a System Restore Point.

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