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System Tray icon still show wrong temperatre

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Thanks for good softwares ccleaner and speccy,I've use them for years and they work very well.

There's only one promblem now:  

I have speccy auto start with system, auto minisize to system tray,show the temperatre of motherboard.

When it start,it show right number,but as system runs, the number never change, until I click on the icon to call the  window out.After that,the number change normally.

I'm using 1.29.714 on windows 7 64bit with sp1,install update every week,using mse ,ccleaner,admuncher ,chrome and nothing else.


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It's a known problem.

There are/have been a few other threads on the same topic.


The good news is the Dev Team do read these posts so would be aware of the issue.

The bad news, as to a resolution (if there is one) is anyone's guess.

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