I really didn't and still don't like the CCleaner GUI update introduced last year and so continued using the CCleaner version GUI I liked: v4.19 without any problems.   Recently I had an occasion where the portable CCleaner version could have been useful so I went looking. Not that surprisingly nowhere could I find CCleaner v4.19 portable which, of course, I would prefer.   However from looking at the most recent portable version (512) it contains a Language folder, CCleaner EXE, 64bit EXE, Licence, portable DAT and INI files. The computers I'm likely to be using CCleaner on in this form are also 32bit systems and it occurred to me that the installed CCleaner EXE (419) I already have could 'simply' be used to substitute the CCleaner EXE (512) in the latest version.   I tried this and it appears to function correctly as far as I've experimented. But before actually using it for real I thought I should ask here if there are any problems with using CCleaner portable in this way  with a subsituted older GUI version?