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Speccy & RAM Slots - Quick help please!

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Speccy detects that my laptop has 4 RAM slots. After opening the back case and doing a little of reasearch on the internet also, my laptop seems to have only 2 RAM slots (Diagrams etc on the internet and the manual doesn't mention at all about RAM banks under the keyboard for example)


Since I'm planning to return the 2 additional RAM modules I've purchased (I have 2 installed already), should I really believe that my motherboard has 4 RAM slots, as Speccy suggests? Or is it a "general assumption" of the program? I'm willing to remove the keyboard etc to install the additional 2, but I just want to make sure I should keep the new modules or return them in time!


Thanks in advance!

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Personally, I have never seen a laptop with 4 slots.

At most, there has been the standard two under the back cover, and on one occasion, another one under the keyboard.


If you have checked the manual for your laptop and the manufactures web site, I would trust that but if you really want to make sure you are going to have to pull off the back access panel and lift up the keyboard to be sure.


Luckily both of those tasks are straight forward.

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Thanks for your answer!

Hmm maybe you mean banks? 1 Bank usually has 2 slots. I think it is normal for laptops to have 2 Banks = 4 slots (I've seen quite cheap ones! with 4 slots just under the back cover)
take a look here please: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3vlakeuoq95jr46/Speccy.jpg?dl=0


Speccy recognizes 4 slots, but the manual says 2 (although maybe the manual is refering to a variant or something, Clevo W170HN, which comes in bulk and rebranded / modified per user will etc).


CPU-Z also detects 4 slots!...


Unfortunately, there's no video in youtube for example just to see if there is another bank and where exactly...

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