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Recuva Deep Scan_What options should i pick

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After a computer crash I accidentally did a product recovery on my desktop.  I bought the recuva professional and am using if via the USB option.  In an initial scan it found no files.  So i started a deep scan.  This was started on Friday morning, at the end of the day on friday it was at 21% and 77,000 files found, it said 1 day to go.  On Saturday morning it still says 21% but now 4 days to go.  So my question: do i wait out the 4 days or stop it and choose different options?  It doesn't appear to be frozen, the green bar is flashing and the USB port is flashing but it hasn't'  moved!  The options i picked were just from the wizard, it was the files only and the entire computer.  I am afraid to stop it and loose!  This is my first attempt at anything like this so i don't want to mess it up! 



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If it's moving forward, albeit slowly, that's got to be worth waiting for all those files to potentially be recovered.

The estimated time is only a big fat guess based on workload to date and current files being processed, so expect that to fluctuate, sometimes widely.


Also don't forget that, being a Professional version holder, you are entitled to direct priority support from Piriform themselves, rather then this slower, community help forum.

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