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Windows User Account Control (UAC) blocking CCleaner on Boot

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UAC pops up warning about CCleaner wanting to make changes to your computer each time on fresh boot (or restart) into Windows Desktop. This occurs each time on logging into the Desktop. 


Windows Version

Windows 7 64bit (It may occur in other windows versions as well)


CCleaner Version

5.08.5308  ( this fix can apply any time this kind of issue occurs)



1. Find the install folder (CCleaner), usually its in C:\Programs (if not try C:\Programs (x86)).

2. Right click CCleaner.exe,

3. Click "Compatibility" tab

4. Click "Change Settings for All Users" button (at the bottom)

5. Check "Run this program as an administrator".

6. Click "apply" button and click "ok" to close. 

7. Restart computer and the problem is gone. 


Note: On step 4, if you have a computer with several users and you just want your account fixed, then avoid "Change Settings for All Users" button and instead, in that same tab window click "Run this program as an administrator" and click "apply" and close the properties window. 


I sent this info to Piriform and told them that this will be a hassle to those who cannot or won't do these manual changes. Hopefully they will fix this bug, as it never caused the UAC to activate before even with the monitoring feature. 


As a note, this will likely work on any program that you want to operate and avoid the UAC pop ups. 


Not Recommended

It is not recommended to turn off User Account Control. Some claim its useless, that is because they did not encounter events where a program should not be asking to change things on the computer. I experienced these UAC popups a few times with software I tried out and the software was not suppose to make unneeded changes to my computer. This warning does help. Its not high level security, but it helps. I suggest that the UAC be left to its default settings and follow the steps above to allow programs you want to give admin privileges to. 

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Please don't multiple post the same reply in every thread.


Because you did post in multiple I now will repeat what I've put in the other thread(s).


Your solution is flawed. The windows option you point to sets windows to run a program in a way that requires a UAC prompt thus it causes the warning you do not want.


The proper and simple way to not get the warning is to enable the ccleaner setting for skipUAC

This makes the ccleaner.exe trigger a windows task that runs ccleaner with highest privileges and lets windows know it doesn't need to UAC.



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on my w8.1 64 both versions of skip uac dont work... i dont know whats the reason but i can live with this

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hi fans :)


i have a nice message about the unknown uac problem.



--> with release of ccleaner 5.10 yesterday seems this issue (have been?) solved! :D now it works fine with this selected option on my w8.1 64bit












thank you very much developers :)

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