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Windows 10 incompatibility - still

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I am still getting two files left behind on my Win 10 64 bit installation - when running the registry cleaner (v5.08)

They are both Activex/com - proxystub.dlls

Any chance of sorting this - since I did report that this was occurring 3 months ago on a Windows insider installation and was assured that come the full release of Win 10 - the issue would be sorted - clearly, it is not..........

see attached for screenshot


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Windows 10 support will probably improve with the August release of CCleaner, given that Windows 10 is 'in the wild' now.

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If you are using windows 10 I would hold off for a bit on the reg cleaner.  They have some work to do with this.  I just spent the last few days trying to figure out why none of my updates where downloading including Microsoft Store.  I thought it was their fault but after digging a little more I figure out it was ccleaner that ruined my reg beyond repair.  I have never had a problem with this program and it has always done a great job but as I said before it needs some serious updates!!

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