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Crashes Windows 10 when cleaning

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There may be more than one cause for this problem but I discovered what was happening in my situation and thought I'd pass it along in case it might help someone.


When I would tell Ccleaner to analyze, Windows would throw the low memory error message and either the computer would lockup, restart or maybe just Ccleaner would close. I tried adjusting the page file size and even adding more RAM but that didn't help.


So I started to watch the progress bar when Ccleaner was analyzing and noticed the crash came when it was trying to read the contents of the recycle bin. I also had Task Manager opened at the same time and noticed that when Ccleaner got to the recycle bin check the memory use skyrocketed up to almost !00% and then came the crash.


I checked the recycle bin and discovered it contained over 4000 items. I manually emptied the recycle bin and  then reran Ccleaner without a hitch. Problem solved.


Apparently, when the recycle bin is too full this can happen.

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Thanks @trents for signing up and giving your feedback.

I'm sure it will help others and at least go onto the list of things to try when troubleshooting.


Welcome to the Forum. :)

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Ok. I am now now also having this issue. I own the professional version of the software


Chip: Intel I7 chipset

Windows: Windows 10 64 bit upgraded from windows 7 pro 64 bit

Ccleaner version: Original 5.19 professional upgraded to latest version 5.21 professional.


I originally had 5.19 installed. All worked ok. All cleans completed without crashing


Upgraded to the latest version 5.21. Now on running 'clean', it will scan for a few items and then suddenly ccleaner will crash, usually around the windows logs entry or one of the system database entry even with the very basic settings

Tried a number of times and always the same result. Would crash


Fully uninstalled (using iobit uninstall software) and reinstalled version 5.19

Run 5.19 clean. All ok. Absolutely no crashes at all.


There is issues with version 5.21

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Here are my empirical results:



Windows 10 Pro 1703 x64



With all options cleared and only Cleaner > Windows > Empty Recycle Bin checked, clicking Analyze causes runaway memory consumption. Within seconds, all 32 GB is allocated to CCleaner.

If I allow the process to continue, the screen eventually blanks and the computer becomes unresponsive. The only way to recover is to forcibly power off the computer and restart it.


Following the instructions to clean a corrupted recycle bin (Corrupted recycle bin fix for Vista, Win 7,  Win 8 and Win 10, helpfully posted by hazelnut), the cleanup process takes 20 or 30 seconds.


After that, CCleaner runs with no issues.

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Glad to hear it is sorted for you DeComposer, and hopefully your investigations and fix, may help other users with the same problem.

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It is to do with new Windows Patches, Piriform has not prepared for.

As soon as I remove Edge and Internet Explorer from the cleaning, it works, i.e. CCleaner does not crash and cleans Chrome and Opera.

I am using pro 5.39.6399 ( 64 bit ).

So it has to do with a new protocol in Windows.

If I debug using Visual Studio it says it cannot find :


So Piriform has obviously used this dll in the past, Microsoft got rid of it ( who knows why ) and Piriform has been caught unawares.

Please sort this out Piriform, as it is pretty useless for your product to work on only some browsers...especially as a paying customer.

Thank you.,



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@mithras123, you have a different issue to this topic, which is addressing  Windows 10 crashing when CC is run.  (although it's rather polluted now with other contributors)

if you could start you own thread, you'll get targeted responses to your specific issue.
and include extra info like, OS and CC versions, and describe the crash.

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