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Speccy will not show my OS. It only says "The operation completed successfully."

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Mine the same, not there.


Doing a search in Regedit, you find lots of spots for InstallDate but not in that location specified.


The actual system install date of Windows is stored as number of seconds since January, 1970 (or something like that) so will need to be converted.

But it's also stored in numerous other keys in the registry as a normal date.


Another method of obtaining that Install Date is to bring up the command prompt and type systeminfo

You'll find a field called Original Install Date which it gets from the Registry (which is hopefully the field MrK is trying to point to)

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OK, now I see it. D'oh. I was looking for it as a sub-folder underneath CurrentVersion.

(picture is worth a thousand words they say)

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Please change the decimal value of that key to something else, at the moment it works out to an install date on 1/1/2100.  The decimal value of mine is set to 1423877074 (14 Feb 2015) you can use that or if you prefer you can use the following site to convert a different date into a timestamp http://www.onlineconversion.com/unix_time.htm.


Everything should display correctly within Speccy once it has been updated.  Let me know how you get on.

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