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Hiya folks, I'm new here but have been using CCleaner for years. :) I decided to create myself an account so I could ask some questions when needed.


I have one right now actually. What is the best way to run CCleaner's Reg. Cleaner? After a reboot or during current session, and then a reboot? Or can I just clean the reg. during a current session and then continue working afterwards without reboot?


As of now, I run the reg. cleaner before I shut down the PC and go to bed.

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Hi JesperU, welcome. 


I don't use the registry cleaner routinely, but only when there seems to be a problem. 


I run it one tick box at a time, and keep all the backups in a folder made for them so I can remember where they are.

CCleaner will name them something like cc_20150720_121247.reg, which is CC_ plus the date and time. 

I always denote which box was ticked, like this (for unused file extensions):  cc_20150720_121247_filext.reg


Its slower, and maybe not necessary, but as the victim of more than one registry issue, I prefer safe to sorry. 

When you change the registry, you might create an issue that wouldn't show up for a long time, and if you know which backups are which, you can more easily fix it. 

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