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Anybody know about VMWare?

To my understanding, it can simulate as NEW computer on same computer hardware.  I think almost like running Apple and PC on same computer hardware. so it can work as several PC on one computer.


I am not technical use of PC, no gaming, not much multitasking, just as simple user.  SO probably have NO application for me BUT like to know more about VMware.

I saw VMWare website, but still don;t really understand what it is, how to use it, etc?

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Dead easy to use.

You just need VM (Virtual Machine) software and a CPU that supports the technology and the OS software to install in the virtual PC.

There are plenty of free VM software, I use VirtualBox by Oracle.


I have XP, Win7 and Linux installed in VirtualBox, which runs on my Win8 PC.

VMware is just a 'virtual' PC that runs on your physical PC, using it's resources (ram, hd space. k/b, mouse etc).


VM's big benefit is you can have multiple platforms on the one physical PC and they allow you to 'test drive' or sandbox new programs before putting them on your real PC.

Your virtual PC stores it's data in a VHD (virtual hard drive) which can be 'reset' easily to undo any mistakes.

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