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If any of you are familiar with Ninite they now have a service called Ninite Pro that will manage the installation and patching for a large portion of the apps and things on your computer.


That same functionality in this product would be excellent.



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Hello orion7_11,


thank you for this post.

It is very interesting to see how Ninite Pro (https://ninite.com/pro) manages apps via the browser.

Here Piriform can learn a lot for CCleaner Cloud.


Ninite only supports some apps (about 50).

I am preferring SUMo (http://www.kcsoftwares.com/?sumo) that supports more than 90.000 apps.

And SUMo really works best (although it has not the best UI), I keep testing some update managers and SUMo really works best.


I really would love to have such a feature in CCleaner Cloud (would be a reason to buy it).

But I fear that Piriform will not implement this feature.


After a re-install of Windows I did not install CCleaner Cloud yet.

There are not many benefits in comparison to CCleaner Desktop (although I have 3 computers) so it is not worth buying it.

Meantime I removed my computer from CCleaner Cloud after a re-install of Windows.

But with the Update Manager feature I will definitely buy a 3 computer license!



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The current vulnerabilities in processors (Spectre and Meltdown) show how vulnerable our systems are.
All security experts say, that it is very important that users keep their system up to date (installed applications and hardware drivers).
This is especially important for the web browsers.
So it would be really cool when CCleaner Cloud helps me keeping my installed applications and also my drivers up to date.
It also would be cool when CCleaner Cloud would inform me about BIOS updates (but this could be complicate).

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