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CCleaner not deleting files on Windows 7

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I ran CCleaner v5.05.5176 (64 bit) on my windows 7 (home premium sp1) laptop to wipe free disk space and chose complex 7 pass.



I then ran Recuvva and although there were only a few files in normal scan, when I ran a deep scan there were a large number of fully recoverable files, in some cases the filenames had been serialised as numbers and original location lost but many files were fully named and fully recoverable.


I have since used defrag and a second pass with CCleaner and still those files remain.



Advice welcome

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that would be a good test.

use a 3rd party wiper then run Recuva and see what it finds.

you'll either highlight Recuva's ability to resurrect deleted files or discover CC's inadequacies in wiping free space.

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