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Rasberry Pi Revisited.

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Mta started a topic about these, here: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=37002&hl=rasberry

Thought I might follow up a bit. 


I got one the other day, it's a nifty little device.  

Mine has 512 mb RAM and their first processor.  It is not the newest one available.

The newest, called the version 2 (I think), has 1 gb RAM and a faster processor.

Still, this older version is about as fast as some of my old desktops were. No kidding. The newest is supposed to be about 7 times faster.  May have to upgrade.  :P


All you have to do is plug in a USB keyboard & mouse, an HDMI cable, the card with the operating system, an ethernet cable, and the power.  And Wallah, you're surfing the net.  If I can do it anybody can. I just plug mine into a small television I use instead of a monitor. 


If you buy an OS card, It would be a good idea to make a copy before you use it to install the OS.  The card it comes with several operating systems on it, but when you start the installation process the card gets formatted and there remains only one OS.  Copying the card would be quicker than downloading an alternative OS later, at least here it would because of slow connection speeds. 


It will connect to the 'net, has sound.  Uses the Midori browser but has others available, haven't tried them yet. Had a little trouble with the net, couldn't make it connect, but the second time I started it up, it connected with no problem.  Have no Idea why that was, not tekkie enough to figure it out. But it works now. 


All in all it is pretty neat.  Fun.  A super way to get kids into computers.  Pretty tough built little thing, the kids can see all the gizmos on the board, little lights flash, there are several programming activities available, is easy to restore the OS, just reinstall it to the card and plug it back in.  Plus its little and cute, not intimidating like a big expensive computer where dad hovers over you and says "Nooo, don't click that . . . "


One problem occurs when you go to sites where they sell them.  There are tons of extra hardware devices available.  A camera, a miniature keyboard, a miniature screen, builder kits, wiring kits, robot maker kits . . . good grief its like a Barbie Doll for computer tinkerers. The doll costs very little, but the accessories will bankrupt you.  :lol:

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Yeah, they are a fantastic little 'toy'.

Loved mine, sadly after about 9 months I blew it up by getting the voltage wrong when making a power supply for it, but at $25 bucks, who cares.

Have been reading with interest the specs on the latest models and they have really moved things along nicely.

And as you say, there is now a complete 'after market, add on' community in place.


Probably would have to say that the Arduino has better 'add ons'.


And the price is still $35 for the new Pi 2 Model B AND it runs a Windows 10 version that's compatible; https://www.raspberrypi.org/raspberry-pi-2-on-sale/


I am going to have to get one again.  (I blame the Pi as the reason for my avatar, had Pi on the brain a lot at that time) :)

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