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MFT Cleaner Option? Empty all recoverable Filenames?

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Hi, (sorry my poor english?)


FAQ: Is there a Chance for an Option to clean only the deleted Files-List in the MFT?


On my PC there is a bunch of filenames and they are not deletable with Recuva ...


PS: I now checked the Oldie-Tool Restoration 3.2.13 for that - it works fine,

clean/removes all names - but in slowmotion.


my regards






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That feature doesn't exist in Recuva.


Perhaps give CCleaner a go using its 'Wipe Free Space' option if you wish to play with the MFT, it will however take much longer than what you're suggesting though.


1. Open CCleaner.

2. Click Options, Settings, Select the drive, and tick the box 'Wipe MFT Free Space'.

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Thank You,


I,ll try it next Time - this time Restoration made the job -> emptied all Partitions! 

(Only the Outlook Express emails.zip from Recuva is now visible).   B)


PS: The Restoration overwrites are empty - no ZZZ....ZZZ like AntiRecovery


(but not bad as complementary tool - and ''inspiration'' ... mayhaps? ;o)



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