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CCleaner & portable browsers.

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v5.02.5101 (26 Jan 2015) changelog states "Improved detection and cleaning of portable browsers."


Could someone please clarify how I can point CCleaner to a portable browser. I use portable Firefox & Chrome from PortableApps.com .




EDIT : I already have :


CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|D:\Firefox Portable\Data\profile
CustomLocation2=OPERA|D:\Opera Portable\profile
CustomLocation3=CHROME|D:\Google Chrome Portable\Data\profile


in ccleaner.ini.


Guess what I really want is what exactly does "improved detection" mean. The location is already in the ini file.

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I don't known exactly. I can only guess or speculate they are perhaps reiterating what was mentioned in sentence number 2 of the annoucement/changelog since improvements to Firefox would also improve cleaning in Firefox Portable.

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