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Ccleaner 4.19.4867 interferes with Final Fantasy Xi GFX

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I have a 64-bit Dell Latitude D830 laptop. This system is running 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium.  This laptop is dedicated exclusively to playing Final Fantasy XI.   I noticed that Ccleaner's Active Monitoring was causing graphics glitches in Final Fantasy XI.  While playing "FFXI", as it's know, Ccleaner's Active Monitoring window in the lower right-hand corner came up.The Ccleaner popup window was flickering underneath the graphics of FFXI. After logging out of the game, I check Ccleaner's setting for a "Gamer Mode". There was none. I'm going to turn off all monitoring and play the game again. If I see any additional conflict between the two programs, I'll post again, in this thread. 


I'd like to make Piriform aware that it's very important that nothing interfere with the PlayOnline or FinalFantasy XI software. FFXI as it's known, has been specifically engineered by it's creator, Square-Enix, to be highly resistant to the tampering that's required to use third-party cheating software. FFXI plays in full-screen mode, By design of Square-Enix, the FFXI software will break connection with the servers, if you use CTRL-ALT-DELETE to exit full-screen mode. With the FFXI client software running, there was no way for me to click on the X to close Ccleaner's pop-up window.   I don't want Ccleaner to create a situation where Square-Enix will accuse me of doing anything that violates their terms of service. I have worked too long & too hard to get the banhammer (LM-17) dropped on me by Square-Enix.


Thank you very much for your understanding in this matter.


Best Regards,

Uncle Billy

Hicksville - New York

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