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Microsoft rushes to fix browser after attacks; no fix for XP users

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Thanks, Hazel.  I got it also.  Any point in saving old versions to an external drive? I am reading about it, don't see clearly whether the "definitions" are added or replaced. 

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You can download it if you need to but the latest version will be on your PC from the last Win Updates you did. It helps clean up the worst type of infections en mass at Win Update time.


So you do..start..run..mrt.exe


It comes up and I clicked the  link in first screenie to show you some of the things it detects.  Then you can choose a scan type (the default is quick scan) It scans and in 2 minutes mine was finished. It seems like it will take longer when you look at the progress bar but it moves very quick at the end.




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Sorry Andavari I don't agree that it is useless :)


I did write that it was useless to me, I didn't type in you, or anyone, or everyone else.  :P

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