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Defraggler v2.15

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We're happy to announce a new Defraggler build is ready! This release optimizes the analyze and defrag functions across all operating systems and contains improved context menu defrag options.

Download Defraggler

Release notes:

  • Optimized performance of Analyze and Defrag on all OSs
  • Improved Context Menu defrag features
  • Added File Type and Last Modified Date columns to the File List
  • Added progress information to Boot-time Defrag
  • Improved handling of locked and read-only drives
  • Improved management of unmounted drives
  • Added additional drive information
  • Minor GUI improvements and bug fixes

Connect with us:

Piriform on Facebook

Piriform on Twitter

Piriform on Google+


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awesome thanks

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  • improved management of unmounted drives

I found that difficult to believe so I downloaded to try - and was not surprised :(


I have just tried DF V2.15.741 (64 bit) and I see no improvement.


On my Samsung 931 HDD it can see only the 7 partitions which have been allocated drive letters.

and is unaware of the Windows 7 System partition which :-

I used before I had an SSD,

and can still use if I give it a drive letter and disable/remove my SSD and fixup the BIOS booting.


It also does not see the 100 MB System Reserved partition on my SSD

not that I would dream of defragging it. :)


Please explain, what is meant by an unmounted drive.




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I bought Defraggler Professional. I don't understand why I have 21% defragged files after running it. I can go into the "file" list and manually defrag, but this is very time consuming and I thought this should not be necessary because Defraggler should be doing this. Am I doing somehting wrong?

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