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A bit different question, about Computer TV adapters . .

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Wondering if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for a TV tuner for a Laptop, I know enough that a card is not a solution to use with a laptop. Have seen were there are some USB plugs that can be used but how good or reliable are they, Not necessarily cheap but not too expensive. Am Retired, Elelctronics Technician with over 60 years experience have been working with computers since about 1974 and even surffed the internet before the www was ever developed. Have worked in DOS, Linux (several versions), Unix, some Apple O/Ss.


My starting with computers was with 19" Main Frames 64 bit by Digital using an old TeleType as input and output. Have installed just about all of my own computer software starting with Win 3.1, Win95, Win98SE, Windows XP, Windows Vista, now on Win7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit and also Win7 Ultimate 32bit.


Not completely unfamiliar but have not worked on any such setup as TV on my computer.

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Guest Keatah

I too would like to learn of a COMPOSITE Video & RF to USB converter. Something that works in real-time. If not that, then at least composite to vga.


Seems several of the ones on ebay and amazon are pretty much low cost garbage.

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i've had a play in my years with only 2 USB tuner dongles for laptops.

both have worked but the reception wasn't brilliant.

but that would be dependant on the aerial and signal quality in the area.


the supplied aerials are always crap unless you live under the transmission tower!

so make sure the unit comes with a method to attach the antenna coax cable straight into the tuner stick.


also make sure the unit supports your operating system.

I'm not sure if the manufactures are pumping out a lot of these sticks these days - I figure most people would be watching online content.

so check their websites that they have - for example - Win7 64bit drivers, if that is your OS.

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I had one I used in windows 7 (got it for, like, $3.50 from amazon) but it doesn't work on win 8. Picks up HD broadcast and plays through windows media center. It's a PlusTV from Kworld


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Thank you for the 'caution' about Amazon's sales. Plus feel some of those problems you had could be 'location, location, location' but that is always a problem. What little research done has not given any clues as to how these hook-up for reception, from what mentioned seems to be an outside antenna will be required.


'Mta,' 'Nergal,'

Do not need to worry about Win8, never will be operational from here, do not like it. Also looks as though there should also be a Retrunable policy if there are any problems.


Thank you one and all for these messages . .

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LurkerLS - I have been using PC TV capture cards for many years now, USB type for laptops for me have been a waste of time and $$. I now only use full sized TV cards


For the last 4 + years and currently am using the following with excellent success...........briefly:


PC No.1 - XP Pro 32 bit - using a “Winfast DTV2000 H Plus” – PCI card - Captures one TV channel at a time - http://www.leadtek.com/eng/product/6/458/intro.aspx


PC No.2 - Win 7 32 bit using a “Aver MediaCentre 3D” – PCI express card - Captures two TV channels simultaneously - http://www.avermedia.com/AVerMediaTVSoftware/AVerMediaCenter3D_01.html


Both connected via a TV amplifier/splitter to an outside roof mounted TV antenna


Edit all captured .mpg file format TV movies / TV series with TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 5 - converted to .mp4 file format




All finalized/converted .mp4 movies etc. stored on a PC network connected to a WD TV Live HD movie player




Hope the above assists and sorry for the delay in my reply but I have only just read your post.

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Thank you for this info, will attempt to use something like what you are, except need to get a desktop that can use a board add in, as I am using laptop this is rather restrictive not much room for additional boards.

Will keep you information for future references. Your delay is not a problem as I am just now getting back to you as I am a little busy lately. Received the message yesterday about your post, not able to reply until now.


Just noticed your sig and the quote, 'one is never too old to learn' very good, when you do not learn any longer means you are not here, nor anywhere. Dead is the only place you will be . .


Here are a couple of my favorites:


"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."

Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)


"Education is when you read the fine print. Experience is what you get if you don't."

Pete Seeger

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