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Drive wiper options

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I guess/know this has been brought forward in the past but I want to post these suggestions for CC v4.00 (again).


1. Move all the "Wipe Free Space drives" options ("Options", "Advanced") to the "Drive Wiper" screen (under "Tools").

2. Get rid of the "Wipe Free Space" option. ("Cleaner", "Windows", under "Advanced"). I've (un-)ticked this option and as far as I can tell, it didn't make any difference at all. It seems it has become obsolete.

3. Add an option: "Wipe/Clean MFT only".


I DO like the "wipe Free space". I have a 4 GB MicroSD card for my cellphone/MP3 player and when I opened it with Recuva it revealed A LOT OF files that I wiped previously but were still "visible" on that card. And after wiping the free space on the SD card, the MP3 player was also responding faster. It was not extremely faster and I know it sounds weird, but I definitely noticed a small speed increase.

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