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Speccy 1.20.446 does not display GPU or mobo temperature

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Today I was looking at my temps on Speccy. All three of the devices in my computer which have temp sensors - my mobo, CPU and GPU, all showed proper temperature reading in Speccy.


I hadn't updated Speccy for a while so I did that. I tried the newest version and it reports my mobo temperature incorrectly as fluctuating between 101 celsius and 104 celsius (before it reported 35 celsius to 40 celsius), while it gives no temperature readout at all for my GPU.


Here are my HWmonitor numbers for comparison.



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so do you find this HMonitor to be efficient? and has speccy since fixed this issue? I still get the wrong temps, fan speeds, and so on, so I am really trying to achieve a simple lightweight software that will read temps and fan speeds proper. I own the asus p8z77 seies mobo and it comes with drivers for watching temps BUT still with HMonitor and Asus recommended software I get conflicting temps? I have not found one app that really gives you the right reads. sorry I could not be more help have a nice day.

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