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Ccleaner monitoring settings not saved

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hi guys,


I use Ccleaner Pro (latest version) on my Win7 x64 system. Because I want Ccleaner to clean up after browsing, I ticked the appropriate checkboxes under settings-monitoring:

"enable browser monitoring" and "enable system monitoring". As far as I don't reboot my PC, everything works fine for me. But after a reboot Ccleaner has forgotten these settings and I have to start it again and reenable them. All the other settings are well remembered by Ccleaner.


Is this wanted behaviour or a bug?


For me it would be nice if Ccleaner remembered these settings.


greets pumm

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Hi pumm,


"Is this wanted behaviour or a bug?"

This is currently by design. We are working to enhance this in future versions.


In the meantime, you can use the following command-line to start monitoring:

CCleaner.exe /MONITOR

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