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I want to suggest a new feature useful.

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H€llo! I'm new user in this forum, from ROmania. I want to suggest something for a long time, in advanced controls maybe - mode 'Instances' with option Allow only one instance / Allow multiple instances... it is important. & + 1 option 'Always on top application' - enable/disable. Thank U. I love CCLEANer since vers. 1.

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Instance control is an interesting idea, but I don't think running multiple instances has any ill effect (unlike other types of programs)


Always on top would be helpful in certain times too. +1

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OK, thanks for reply.


(Advanced) Energy/Power Settings - function significance.


Maximum battery life/power efficiency - I recomend 1 function, maybe this is neccesary on tablets, laptops, notebooks. Configure/Settings tools to improves battery life. Economy mode increases PC’s mobility, save money by reducing energy/power consum: CPU/wireless adapter energy saving etc, HDD standby.


Windows power options can turn off many optimisations for save energy - sleep pc and other.


I love CCleaner since vers. 1.

All the best!


P.S: sorry 4 my english.

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