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ERROR: 193 -

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Hey guys,


Am getting "Error: 193 -" trying to run the uninstaller through CCleaner and can't find any help anywhere else. Trying to run the uninstall it just errors and doesn't uninstall anything. Attached are two screen shots. If you can give me some advice as to why it would be awesome :)






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If it's by chance an .MSI uninstaller try to remove the program via Add/Remove Programs instead. For some reason .MSI uninstallers can complain about CCleaner launching the uninstall and refuse to cooperate.

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Failing the above 2 ideas, then try to re-install if you have the original CD still.

it maybe cannot uninstall because some of it's files are lost/corrupted.

you may have to reload just to be able to unload.

also, some installers detect the software is already present and will suggest a repair or remove option.

last resort would be Revo Uninstaller.

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