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Adding a new command line parameter to suppress confirmation message box.

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What I'm trying to do:


Wipe the contents of a particular folder via the command line using the following command...


"%ProgramFiles%\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe" /DELETE "%AppData%\Foo\Bar" /METHOD 0


...WITHOUT the invocation of a message box which prompts me whether or not to proceed with permanent deletion (Yes/No/Cancel). The actual message is as follows:



This process will permanently delete files from your system. Are you sure you wish to proceed?


What actually happens:


A message box is always displayed when invoking the aforementioned command line which prompts me whether or not to proceed with permanent deletion (Yes/No/Cancel).


What I'd like to see changed:


The addition of a command line parameter to supress (e.g. /Y) or display (e.g. /-Y, default) that message box.


How the change would be beneficial:


Those who primarily deal with writing automated scripts to do repetitive tasks would benefit greatly as they would not need to manually click "Yes" every time.



For those of you wondering, "Why not just add the /AUTO parameter?" The problem with the "/AUTO" parameter is that while it does suppress the message box, it also overrides the "/DELETE" and "/METHOD" parameters and just runs CCleaner with the settings I have applied within the GUI. This is not what I'm trying to accomplish. I just want to be able to use the "/DELETE" and "/METHOD" switches on several files or folders from the command line and without having to add them to custom wipe folders within the CCleaner GUI.

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Funny! I need the same feature that x29A requested at 2013, but still in 2018 (near to 2019) It did not add!  :mellow: I checked this page too, but no such switch's exists! 

Could you please add this switch (someting like /y to answer Yes to the deleting confirmation dialog box)!?

I am automating deleting Windows Temp folder data at shutdown time. I am putting this line:

ccleaner /delete "c:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Temp\*.*"

At Group Policy shutdown script. But annoying Yes/No/Cancel dialog appear ...


Thanks in Advanced

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