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Ccleaner deleting cookies

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I have been using Ccleaner for several years now, without any problems, but I am now having problems with cookie retention. A week or so ago I had to do a system restore (from an Acronis TrueImage backup) and ever since then Ccleaner deletes ALL my cookies including the ones I have chosen to protect. I have tried to fix this several times including uninstalling the program and clearing out any residual data, I removed CCenhancer to make sure it was not that, I have deleted all my cookies with IE9, reinstalled Ccleaner from scratch (release 3.27.1900 for 64-bit) with the defaults untouched.


However, each time it takes all the cookies and sends them to electron heaven. I have also been having issues with scrambling of my IE favorites bar (the links are there but the order is destroyed) and my desktop keeps wanting to change my background pic. Is this a corrupt user profile or something?

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it sounds like you may have some additional add-on to ccleaner, just to confirm are you running either winapp2.ini or ccenhancer?

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Before I posted I searched this forum for hints and saw other discussions regarding other cleaners and add-ons. I can verify that I uninstalled all of those and am running only the pure vanilla Ccleaner as it installs itself. I even checked the ini file to verify that it shows a list of the cookies I want to protect (it does) and the ini file is the ccleaner.ini that Ccleaner creates, not the community winapp2.ini.

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please post your ini here. Also make sure internet explorer is not surfing in protected mode as that stores cookies and temp files in %temp%

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I was surfing in "protected mode" but I toggled that off and restarted IE9 and got the same results. I am running Win 7 Pro and have tried both the 32 and 64 bit executables with the 32 bit IE9 browser, but get the same results. Looking under my CCleaner folder there are only five entries:


- Folder with the language DLL files

- 32 bit executable

- 64 bit executable

- Ccleaner.ini

- Uninstaller


My ini file is this:





UpdateKey=02/19/2013 05:34:25 PM










I normally have more options checked and cookies protected, but since I am working from a totally clean install most of my old settings are gone. Just to be sure, I rolled back to an earlier version of Ccleaner from a January 19 full disk backup (that was v 3.26.1888) and am having the same issues with that one.


I also probed around my old backups to confirm locations. This might be a Win 7 issue since while it does store cookies, it only does so in the temportary folder under appdata\roaming\microsoft\windows\temporaryinternetfiles while it was previously storing them under appdata\roaming\microsoft\windows\cookies and as noted above, turning protect mode on and off does nothing to change this.


If looks as though CCleaner leaves the cookies in the temp folder alone, but Windows is looking in the cookie folder and not finding the preserved cookies. If you have any idea how to get Win 7 to store them in the right place then I would love to hear it. I have probed my registry and the cookie related keys seem to be pointing to the right folder so I am running out of things to check!

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