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No picture display.

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Hi all!


So I loaded the free version of Recuva and there is a problem I did get like 2000+ files recuperated but, they don't have the actual picture, it cannot be displayed.

I have win7 64bit, compaq laptop.

It said to update windows photo viewer but I also use quicktime and other two and even put some pics on my iphone and theres nothing being displayed..

Any ideas?

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pictures are a fickle thing when it comes to recovering (in general), they're kinda hit or miss

what where the files on (harddrive, flashdrive, ipod)? how were they deleted (recycle bin, format, disc death) ? did you initially attempt to recover the files onto the drive whence they initially came (from the c: drive to the c: drive)?


As well please state the version of your windows (xp,vista,7,8,98) and recuva (1.43,1.44,etc)

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