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Jorge Martins

Speccy V1.19.411 Not displaying GPU Temperature

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Hi, welcome to the forums! :)


Could you provide your:


Operation System (32 or 64 bit as well)


Graphics Card




This will help the developers help you, and may help the forum volunteers help you as well.

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I'm also having the same problem! I've also moved back to 1.18, for win 7 I have not checked to see if it works Win XP Pro.(dual boot system)


Update: 1.19 has the same problem with Win XP pro SP3 with a twist. In windows 7 I just reinstalled 1.18 with out any problems. Under XP pro. Speccy 1.18, under graphic it would show in orange letters (this service is marked for deletion). I had to uninstall 1.18 restart computer, boot into XP then install 1.18, problem solved.


Edit: Still having the same problem with 1.20, had to reinstall 1.18 to get the GPU temps back. As for the later problem I report with XP (see above) that didn't happen this time.


System specs:

GA-MA-790X-UD4P AMD Phenom II 555 BE @3.2 unlocked to 4 cores

Corsair H50 (CPU Cooler)

PS Antec EW 750 / Case Antec 900 II

Asus EAH5770 CUcore

Super Talent 8GB DDR2 6400


Hitachi 250 ,WD 250 /Creative SB Titanium X-Fi.

OS Windows XP 32 Windows 7 64 Ultimate.

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