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defrag aborted

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I clicked on "File List" and put a check mark on top, near "Filename". The defragging went great. It went up to the 60% range. When the defragging reach somewhere in the 60 area, it said this:


"Defrag Aborted

Some files were not defragmented

This operation cannot be done"


Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

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Hi Ral400,


The C:\System Volume Information\ usually refers to 'System Restore Points' and depending on how many you have, this block in Defragler can be quite large eg; 6-7GB +


I keep my restore points to an absolute minimum using CCleaner. Go to Tools> Sytem Restore> highlight all but the last two top entries and then click on the 'Remove' button.

My reason for doing this is that, using either one of the top two restore points, gives much cleaner results than trying to use a restore point that may contain programs that

have been uninstalled or contain hidden problems.

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