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What I would like to be added to the next versions of Defraggler are scroll bars (either on the left hand side or the right hand side) for the following tabs in the main screen:

- Drive

- Search

- Health

- Drive map.


When I increase the size of the diskmap then these screens/panes are reduced in size. A scrollbar would allow the user to see all the info that's hiding in the bottom of that screen/pane/tab.


See attachment.

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I'm not sure what exactly you mean by auto-fit, maybe the same thing I do? IMHO it would be best to dynamically rearrange the info in tabs, depending on available horizontal and vertical space. Take a look at current content:


- Drive tab


It uses at most ~950px width. All the rest is wasted space. And in fact, everything fits great in even smaller width, so the waste is even bigger. Yet the info insists on taking up mostly vertical space.

The content of Status frame could easily take advantage of wider window. The icon with status and health, Analysis results and Current state could nicely go next to each other horizontally. Some space saving for Properties frame also isn't problem. Name of currently processed file would benefit from this too, because the path can be long. Or even better, the file name could be moved to status bar. After all, status bar has the word "status" directly in its name, wouldn't it be nice if it actually showed some status? :) "Online Help" and "Check for updates..." are not really a status.


- Search and Drive map tabs


With the the content currently artifically stretched so that the tabs do not look too empty, would it be hard to make it lower if needed? Not at all.


- Health tab


Again the same thing. It can easily go to half height by reducing gaps between parameters on the left. And optionally, if it wasn't enough, dividing the parameters to two groups placed horizontally next to each other would be doable too.

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Can you re-post screenshots? Piriform outtage took your pics with it.


This will be very confusing to people reading your posts, trying to figure out what you mean.



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Here're some pictures to illustrate what I mean. The first picture shows the tabs in the main screen of DF. Only the "file list" tab has a scrollbar. The second picture shows the content of the pane of the "Drive map" tab when activated but not enlarged to the full size. What I would like to see is a scrollbar on the right or left hand side of the pane. So, I can scroll through the pane and see the entire content.


Other solutions for this could be that each tab has a (what I would call) "Maximize pane/tab" button on the right hand side of the (active) tab (or perhaps on the left hand side). But then there's a need for a "Previous size" button as well. Then only the "file list" tab needs a scrollbar.

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