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How can I recover accidentally deleted files from my downloads folder?

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Hi 1978CC, and welcome to the forum.


First thing, use the drive in way of writing to it as little as possible, preferably not at all until you hopefully get your folder and files back.


Second thing, have you looked in the "Trash" folder? Maybe it's still in there.


Thirdly, are you sure that you've deleted the folder and not just the shortcut from the dock? I know that seems obvious, but sometimes the obvious is missed. Have you looked in the actual location where the Downloads folder resides?


I don't have a Mac, so I don't actually know as to whether it has a System Restore like Windows, or whether said System Restore would restore your "Downloads" folder. Check that out until one of our few Mac users can maybe clear that one up.


At the moment the only free recovery software I know about for the Mac is "PhotoRec" and it's sister program "TestDisk" ...




Both programs come in the same download.


Hope that helps for a start.


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Thanks moderator,

Some of the additions by your permission

1) right click the folder > restore to previous version> choose the latest update version folder> click restore

2) Go to start menu> type history> search for file/folder else type on the bar> restore the file

3)use third party tools

hope these resolves your issues

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After more than six years I don't think that he cares any more. Why do spammers tack on to such old threads? For spam this surely is, or will be.

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