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Dual Boot Win7 & WinXP, 2 Different Hard Drives

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Alan, it turns out that when running win 7 the HD with win xp shows up as "Local Disk (F:)" in windows explorer.

I can copy, delete, edit, etc most all of the files & folders on it...some of the xp system files are locked.

When running win xp, the win 7 HD does not show at all.

Will try the disk management trick later. Sounds a bit risky, but i will.


Hazel, for what its worth, win xp on this new computer is almost as fast as Puppy is on the old one. To be sure, I have not yet burdened it with all that .net stuff and all the updates, but it is fast.

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Login, did that naughty malware steal your page 2?


Alas, it did. :( And page 2 contained the patented "8 Step Method" for keeping ones sanity during a dual boot experiment.

No matter. Win xp lives to fight another day. :D


Edit 22 nov 2012: Page 2 is back. Amazing! What a coding challenge that must have been.

Hats off to the Piriform team.

Humankind can now relax a bit, knowing that the 8 Step Method is preserved. :lol:

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That was the main reason they worked so hard login, because of your 8 Step Method which should be patented as an internet standard :)


As you say, it's a great achievement by Piriform to get it back!!

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