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How do I make Vista Photo Gallery work?

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I have the Vista Photo Gallery program files that I copied into my 7.


Does anyone know how I can get it to work in Windows 7?


Maybe there is a registry key I need, or perhaps a compatibility setting?



Vista Photo Gallery is currently the ONLY program I know that allows you to edit photos directly. I.E. Editor built right into the Photo Viewer.

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Thanks, Hazel!!!! While I noticed that link while searching to see if others had a better idea, the Movie Maker thingie doesn't seem to make the Photo Gallery program work.


There are, however, some Vista programs (I believe that calendar is one) that will work in Windows 7.


I am just having trouble with getting Photo Gallery to. I checked out the 2011 & the 2012 versions of MS add on pack with Live Writer, messenger, & others, but the picture viewer in that package just doesn't do the same as Vista Photo Gallery does...

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So far, I can't seem to find a version of Windows Live pack that offers the functionality that Vista Photo Gallery offers...


And newer versions are worse... They want to try to add things like sign in, even if it is not mandatory. Annoyances like that, or extra steps to use picture viewer.

I am in love with the simplicity of Vista Photo Gallery...


Sigh... Will it ever be that simple again? Or is this like kicking a dead mule? LOL!


* Edit: The online photo editors you selected are fine. But I have a little over 20,000 pictures I want to edit. It would take forever to upload 20,000 + pictures (individually) to edit each one...


This is why I prefer offline photo management.

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So the ideal solution would be a photo editor you could use like your browser,

supporting up to 20,000 Tabs :)

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Thank u, Kroozer!!! I tried that program, & it did (seem to) have decent color/contrast controls (Photo Filtre! does a fairly poor job of adding or removing blues, reds, yellows in pictures).


Of course, it still would take a lot of time to process 20,000+ photos this way, as you have to click a lot to get to the manual editing of the photo, & then you have to browse for each photo.


I do really appreciate you taking the time to do this, because you are super helpful. So far, XN-View & i-Photo 4 that came with a mustek scanner years ago, seem to deliver the best color/contrast editing on pictures.


But lots of clicks. Although, Photo! Editor seemed to have quite a few more clicks than either of those to edit pics. Sigh...


Thanks so much for your help!!!! :) Sorry if I am a lot of trouble

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