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What is ccleaner drive wiper?

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Okay so I may sound quite thick and I used it. I wanted to "clean vista drive" on "1 pass" and on "free space only. I have I 1gb ram, 70 gb hard drive,32 bit labtop. I had 19 gb of space free on my pc. Then it became 25 gb free when one process finished then it went down to 3 gb free space and I thought something bad was gonna happen so i stopped it. So what was meant to happen. That? and if so why? and would any data remove that i don't want?

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run drive wiper again and don't stop it

ccleaner fills empty space with a file or set of files then removes said item(s) at the end


you also (after this "repair" wipe) shouldn't run drive wipe unless really needed, i.e. You are selling it. It will give you no more space than you previously had and excessive running of it will reduce you drive's lifetime.

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