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CCleaner Registry Cleaner Pro fails to clean ActiveX/COM errors; NO SUPPORT AVAILABLE!

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I am using Windows 7 Ultimate x64(fully updated) with Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 (Firewall/AV).


I PURCHASED CCleaner Professional and downloaded/installed version 3.21.1767 (64 bit).


This version is FAULTY! All previous (free) version of CCleaner ALWAYS COMPLETELY cleaned the Registry errors.


THIS version NEVER completely cleans the Registry errors and CONTINUALLY reports the same unused file extensions (2) relating to .TAX and .tmp, ActiveX/COM issues (29) mostly relating to InProcServer32 dll files but not limited to those, Missing TypeLib Reference (7) relating to IRoam...(varies), Application PAths Issue (2) relating to InetMgr.exe (whatEVER that is) and SnippingTool.exe - SEE PDF ATTACHMENT FOR LISTING!



What is happening, how do I fix it so my resistry is correctly and completely cleaned as the free version did?


Also, as my purchased version was sold on the basis that there was support available that was not available with the free version, I now find that I cannolt access support! WHY? What a rip-off!

CCleaner Registry Errors - Will NOT Clean.pdf

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Although your PDF file is fine this time, In the future please just post a normal screenshot in an image format that will show up normally in the topic.


After looking at your PDF screenshot about the only things I can think of are:

* You have a software or Windows itself that is perhaps self-registering something and the way the registry data is written is tripping up the registry cleaner.

* Perhaps it's a permissions problem, i.e.;

1) The key is locked from removal which some security software will do.

2) Or you need to try cleaning the registry with Administrator privileges by right clicking the CCleaner desktop icon and choosing Run As Administrator.


Other than that, I hope Piriform's support gets back to you, it's what you paid for!!!

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Thanks for the feedback. Piriform still has yet to respond. That link you suggested will NOT allow me to get ANY support! Will try the admin run as suggested - fingers crossed. Seems this version of CCleaner has LOTS of serious issues given the number of posts similar to mine! I wonder why previous vven the free one - worked so much better than this version? They must have retired the dev man that had brains and employed some high-school flunkie trying to impress that has no idea of rigourous SW testing before deployment! :)

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Your impatience has made you needlessly rude.


I doubt the smiley face will encourage the high-school flunkie you have just berated.


To me it is obvious that the link you were given WILL give support.



Look for a green link that says CLICK HERE

That takes me to a knowledge base at


The penultimate link on the left reads How do I get an account?

That takes you to


To get an account at support.piriform.com, you will need to purchase one of our premium products such as CCleaner Professional, or one of our Business products. You will then be sent a login to our support site where you get rapid replies from our support team on any aspect of our products.




Look for green link that says LOST PASSWORD

That takes you to


If you would like a password reminder, just enter your email below and we will send one to you right away.


Your email address:

and use the email address you supplied when you purchased support.



You need to login with your email address and a valid password that is possibly in your spam filter

The Forum Password is NOT the password for paid support.

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