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? No temp internet files?

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This is a reposting, nobody really answered. Using Win-7 latest etc. When I click on Analyze, 0 temporary internet files are found (other files are found - but not correct number either!). When I Run Cleaner, it finds correctly all files that can be deleted, thousands of temp internet files etc. Why is ANALYZE not finding these files, anybody seeing this or have an answer. DEV people can you check on this. Tech Support told me "Yeah well, it may not check all the places on ANALYZE where files can be found" This does not make much sense.

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Who is tech support?

Developers rarely comment on threads, premium (direct to dev support) is gained with paid version of ccleaner

Where is your original thread, it's usually frowned upon in forums to repost, especially knowingly. Has anyone replied at all to the original post?


[Edit] Found original post: looks like we're waiting on YOU not the other way around.


Always try to give more info in a thread first post :)


Operating system used.


Version of Ccleaner.


Default browser.


Using Win-7 latest etc

This means absolutly nothing


To lay this out in simple terms

Yes or no:

The issue here is that when you run analysis it shows 0 file under ie temporary files (it doesn't show it listed at all in analysis) but when you clean it shows thousands of files in the ie temporary files listing?


Please provide screen captures as others are not experiencing this.

Thread Closed, please continue your old thread

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