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? (Question Mark) Folder in Recovery List

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I ran a recovery (deep scan) to recover some files on a drive that had FAT and MFT corrupted. I found the folders and files I was looking for, but a number of them are G:\?\ with the subfolders beneath it. I ran the recovery, with the "recover folder structure" option on because there are literally hundreds of nested folders beneath it, and the recovery succeeded.


The problem is that I can't see the ? folder in Windows Explorer, or using a DOS prompt. How do I access these files so that I can rename the ? folder?





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Aha! I had an epiphany. I figured, why not let Windows fix it, so I ran "chkdsk /r e:" on it. I had to dismount the drive, but it ran, and renamed the hidden ? folder to 'Unknown Folder', but all the data is there! Woo hoo!

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