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Tom AZ

Returnil 2008 Question

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I use MBAM Pro and run it resident. However, every time I activate Returnil 2008, for some reason it screws up my MBAM installation after the reboot and I end up having to re-install MBAM.


Any ideas on how I might be able to avoid this problem?

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I would be very surprised if any of the guys on here could even begin to answer that one Tom, as you're talking about a current MBAM and an old version of Returnil.


Maybe try Wilders Returnil forum, although you may get suggestions to update Returnil as the only fix. Then again the guys over there are always helpful, and it's your prerogative to run with an old and trusty version.


Worth a try at least Tom if you get nothing here.


Although, you never know what the guys on here may come up with.

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