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Speccy 1.16.317 reports SATA drives as SCSI

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Hi Piriform,


The latest version of Speccy (317) works great! My previous issues of errors when trying to run Speccy on some computers seem to be fixed. Following is one possible issue and some recommendations for enhancing Speccy even further.


ISSUE: I did notice that my SATA drives are being mislabeled on the summary page and in-depth page as being SCSI drives. I thought that SATA drives are a completely different animal compared to SCSI drives. Or maybe it is my computer's BIOS and motherboard design which is attaching these SATA drives as SCSI devices? If that is the case, then Speccy is correctly identifying the attachment method for the drives. I mention this since Speccy doesn't add "SCSI Disk Device (ATA)" to the drive ID when I run Speccy on another computer which has SATA drives: In the latter case Speccy simply adds "(SATA)" after the drive ID strings.


488GB Seagate ST350041 8AS SCSI Disk Device (ATA) 33 °C

488GB Seagate ST500DM0 02-1BD142 SCSI Disk Device (ATA) 35 °C


RECOMMENDATION #1: While not shown above, a freeware open source utility called CrystalDiskInfo correctly reports that an older Maxtor drive of mine was failing even though SMART had never been tripped. Hehe. It seems that the now defunct MAXTOR never let their drive firmware actually trip SMART, perhaps to hide the fact that their drive designs had inherent design flaws. CrystalDiskInfo correctly reports the MAXTOR drive as a failing drive, based on the fact that the drive had 1 unrecoverable sector, several reallocated sectors, plus several sectors pending reallocation which couldn't be reallocated. It would be nice if Speccy, in addition to reporting each hard drive's SMART status, would independently report the true health of each hard drive based on the raw data which Speccy already reads from each hard drive.


RECOMMENDATION #2: Speccy presently does not analyze any hard drives which are attached via USB. Perhaps Piriform could look at the open source code for CrystalDiskInfo and enhance Speccy so that Speccy can also analyze all attached USB hard drives. This would be splendid enhancement to Speccy.


Best regards,



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