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Windows startup tool bug

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Since the release of this tool, I have seen a very repeated bug that is getting very annoying. Normally if you disable an entry using the tool and then update an app the normal expected behavior should be that entry remain in the way it is. But that doesn't happen apps are set to enable autoruns even if they don't ask the user within the installer so you should think the entry is gonna get rewritten and the disable rule is gonna be lost but in fact what happens is that the rule is duplicated in CCleaner tool and you have to disable it another time but the weirdest stuff comes if you dice to erase the key, it will be wiped out but also the duplicates. So seems that the issue is not on Windows Registry but on CCleaner.


Note: attach files system is not working!


MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1

CCleaner v3.17.1689 (64-bit)

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this is not a ccleaner bug, the same happens whenever I update itunes and I use a different startup manager. the installer doesn't see the entry (because it's moved to disabled list) so puts it back in.

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Try using the old trick of adding a semicolon to the path in the registry. Thus, edit the registry key's data so that the data is (without the quotes) ";C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Nokia Suite\NokiaSuite.exe -tray" Notice the semicolon which I stuck at the front of the data? The semicolon tells Windows not to load the program following the semicolon, and the program itself most likely will not merrily create another duplicate Run entry in the registry since it will see a match for the stuff following the semicolon.

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