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Tired of the Taskbar Jump List bug

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Guys, since almost the release of Windows 7 until now the Taskbar Jump List cleaner feature has never worked for me properly. No matter if it's enabled of disabled my pinned or recent activities of each program I use are wipped out on each CCleaner run.


It's very annoying have to restore every single list of my 30 pinned icons. Please fix this ASAP!


Windows 7 SP1 x64

CCleaner 3.17

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For which entry? each pinned tasks is a seperate area based on the program (I believe)

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Nergal, the Start Menu pinned task list is here:


C:\Users\(Insert User Name here)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\StartMenu


The only way the pinned tasks location differs, is in the location the shortcuts reference to. But all the User Pinned Apps are in this area.


I assume that you are referencing the Windows Start Menu pinned item location, but to be sure, I will need you to clarify which you are referencing below:


- Windows Start Menu pinned app list

- Windows Task Bar pinned app list

- Windows Explorer pinned app list

- Internet Explorer 9 pinned app list


I concur that IE9 is likely not the one, so I am thinking perhaps either Windows Explorer pinned list, or the Start Menu, with Start Menu being the one I truly believe you are talking about.


But do clarify for me so users here can better be able to assist you.

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Windows Taskbar pinned app lists. The pinned app remains there but their pinned docs or locations are wiped off. For example I have Windows Explorer pinned and inside of it I have my most used locations pinned, after running CCleaner all that disappear, same for my most used docs of Word and Excel.

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