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CCleaner has a problem deleting folders

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wait? so your computer at one point had been set to run ccleaner as win95, and because ccleaner (for past many versions) didn't support 95 it would fail (or was looking in win95 locations)?


Perhaps ccleaner should look in the registry for old appcompats in the registry (if it doesn't already) I know per se it wouldn't have fixed this instance but. . ?


Glad you got it fixed, though I wonder why it once was set to run as 95 :blink:

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Nergal, I don't have a clue why that key was there. This system was set up four or five years ago with XP, and it's stayed with XP (plus a service pack and a pot-load of patches) ever since. I don't remember exactly which release of CC I last did the 'full' uninstall (with registry cleanup), but not that long ago - somewhere around the 3.16-3.18 range, it was still regenerating that key when it installed. I'm sure the dev's could explain why that key was added on an XP system 'back when', but the bottom line is that the newer versions should check for the AppCompatFlags\Layer entry (which was the only one there) with the C:\program files\ccleaner\ccleaner.exe REGSZ WIN95 contents, and either delete that key, or the entire AppCompatFlags key if the CC contents is the only thing in the Layer entry - which mine was. The newer versions don't add that key, but they don't delete it on an uninstall - which would have fixed the problem several releases ago.

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