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After SpeedFan download, Speccy shows red error message under spec items

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Good morning everyone,


I've encountered an unusual problem with the Speccy program following a download of the SpeedFan temperature/fan speed monitoring program. I have already notified Alfredo (at SpeedFan) of this issue & he suggested I post the problem here.


Problem Description: (All actions described here performed while logged in under my Windows Default Administrator account)


Following the Speedfan download, I attempted to run the Speccy program. Under all but two of the system specification items, a red message appeared stating, "Cannot initialize spc.dll."


(I have been using Speccy for quite a while now & never had this issue before)


I then uninstalled the SpeedFan program via Add/Remove Programs and tried running Speccy with the same error message showing up yet again. Next, I uninstalled Speccy via Add/Remove Programs. When I tried to remove the Speccy folder in C:\Program Files, a dialog box opened advising that removing the folder might cause some other programs to not function properly & asked if I wished to proceed. I clicked on <CONTINUE>.


After about 3 seconds, another box opens up stating, "Access Denied...the folder may be write-protected, etc, etc." I then came here and downloaded the Speccy program (from Piriform site). When I attempted to run it, once more I see the red message stating, "Cannot initialize spc.dll."


I've run quick scans with Avast AV (free), MBAM, & SAS; All were clean.


My question: How can I resolve this problem so I can regain use of the Speccy program?


Thank you for your time and any suggestions! :)

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Have you tried the latest versions of both programs? Reboot after the installation(s)? How about portable version of Speccy (doesn't need installation)?

Also which OS are you using?

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