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CCleaner installs itself without permission

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Hi everyone!!!


I'm posting this because I need you to help me with this issue. I don't know why the CCleaner installs itself automatically without my permission. Eventhought i remove it, it keeps on installing itself over and over again.


I don't understand why it works this way. The point is that I don't want a program to clean my PC without my permission. If I wanted a program to do so then I'd download it and install it. I really feel my privacy and freedom are being broken.


My system runs Windows XP service pack 2 and Linux. Obviously I have this issue only in Windows because in Linux eventhought the Ccleaner downloaded itself it couldn't run because in Linux there are no executable files and in order to run a program it needs your permission.


If you have any solution or idea it'll be welcome.


Thank you so much!!!

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This is most probably malware masquerading as a legitimate Piriform product.

Piriform CCleaner does not even Auto-Update when it has been installed.



Perhaps SP3 is really overdue for your security.



The presence of the same malware on both Linux and Windows is almost certainly NOT because it is clever enough to enter both Operating Systems from the Internet,

but because it entered via only one operating system and if the other system had a visible partition letter it would have copied itself via Linux Explorer to Windows or vice-versa.



I suggest posting a screen snapshot of what you see

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I side with Alan on this. There are only a few possibilities here.


* Malware pretending to be CCleaner

* Another product very similar to CCleaner

* You are using a program that checks if CCleaner is not there, & redownloads it if it is not.


Why don't you PRINTSCR key like allan says, then CTRL + V into Windows paint to paste it, then CTRL +S & save as JPG?

Post a screenshot of it. Hitting Alt + PRINTSCR will help you have better control over what you capture.


Let us see what is wrong.


* Sometime a while back, I remember seeing a fake CCleaner version that looked nearly identical to CCleaner, but was not the genuine thing. Only, this version was for sale!

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