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Files recovered but not opening

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Hi guys


I was working from my memory stick and accidentally deleted a folder with important word documents and powerpoint documents in it. I downloaded Recuva which seemed great and recovered everything I deleted.


I then go to open some of the files and they will not open - saying they are corrupt. I think this may have something to do with the red, amber and green dots next to some of the files when they appeared in the Recuva scan. But I am not entirely sure what these mean?


Any idea how I can get these files to open?


Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance.



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Microsoft Office or Open Office should be able to open Powerpoint documents + word, I would think... If they will not open, the other 3 things to try are:


* Ensure you have recovered the correct file, & not a duplicate or smaller version that may exist resultant from the way Windows creates hidden drafts of what you are working on, or smaller thumbnails of pictures sometimes. Also, you can try checking for duplicates or other areas to see if you find the same file that might be in a better condition for recovery. Sometimes you may have multiple desktops or my documents folders that may contain similar data, depending on how yours is set up, or whether you used a form of backup utility.


* Check your Recuva recovery options, and ensure you have deep scan enabled as well as the options that enable all possible files to be recovered, then search to see what you find.


* Try another open source or freeware recovery solution. Sometimes they use a different size for their recovery scanning options in their sector/offset scanning, & that can make a difference if a file is recoverable or not.


ALWAYS be sure you recover to another drive, & not the same drive that you are scanning from.

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Thanks very much for the fast reply, really appreciate it.


With regards to your first point, I recovered about 6 different versions of the PPT and they all won't open.


Tried a deep scan, came up with pretty much the same results.


Tried Deep Digger and it recovered some files but again had the same problem of documents not opening.


Thanks anyway

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You are welcome. Sorry if didn't work so far in what you tried.


The red means that file your trying to recover has been, or is overwritten by another file (chances of recovery are poor/extremely bad)

Yellow means the file might or might not be recoverable.

Green means that the file should recover fine in most cases.


I do not know what color dots you are recovering from, but if you rescan & sort by dots, then name, try to avoid doing the red dots & try to use either yellow, or green if possible.


I do not know if you have other versions, but these would be the best to try if you do have others.

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