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Recuvaed a Avi file

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I have recently used Recuva to retreive a deleted video (avi) file from a SD card, the file was located and the recuva process was sucsessful, however the video file takes ages to load up and then doesnt play in any player, the file is 1.78gb and i have tried VCL, Media classic and Windows media players, i am running Vista 32bit, any suggestions will be welcome

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Hi harry, and welcome to Piriform.


Although apparently recovered successfully, there could be a number of reasons as to why it won't play, and I'm taking it as a given that you have the right codecs to play AVI.


AVI is simply a container for a separate audio and video file, and there could be a corruption of either or both. The video file for example could have a damaged header or index. From my own experience, AVI files are easy to mess up so it may not have recovered intact.


All I can suggest is to have a try at repairing the file, and there are a few good free utilities available to try this, although be prepared for the possibility that this particular file is beyond repair.


I'll list them in the order I would suggest trying them, but go your own way if you know any of these programs.


DivXFix ++: (DivX is AVI)








With VirtualDubMod, load the AVI file, and if it's damaged you will probably get an immediate pop up with relevant info as to the problem.


If it loads OK, go to the menu "Video\Scan video stream for errors", and see what it comes up with.


Hope that helps.

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