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Disk Health Error

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I am troubleshooting a laptop for my friend. One of my eliminations is Defragging. Before I run the Defrag, I always Analyse.

However, when I first start Defraggler, it says DISK HEALTH: ERRORS (see screenshot)

When I run the Disk Benchmark, after analysis, it says there are no major errors on the disk. The Seagate disk test runs fine!

I have taken a screenshot of the Health tab as well.



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- Run Piriform's SPECCY program. Choose "File" >> "Publish Snapshot" and post the link that pops up in your next reply. Perhaps your HD is in the first stage of failing.

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I also am getting the "Disk Health: ERROR" warning in Defraggler.  If I "Analyze" and then "Optimize", the Defraggler seems to work but it doesn't seem to do anything (my fragmentation remains at 25%).


I ran check disk which also seemed not to do anything, and then ran Defraggler again, but 


Here is my "snapshot" from Speccy:  http://speccy.piriform.com/results/X7DnfLhvhEOSe6UuE8SaQQv  (note my "Status" under "S.M.A.R.T." is ominously listed as "Bad".)


I appreciate any insight here.



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