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Wrong temperature i5 2500K

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The CPU temp (shown by the Gigabyte utility) can't be lower than the system temperature unless you have a liquid chilled or Peltier CPU cooler attached to the CPU. A CPU with a really good heatsink and cooling fan should (as seen by Speccy) run only 5 to 10 C warmer than the overall system temp inside the computer case. I think that Speccy is reporting the correct CPU temp and that the Gigabyte utility is not.

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loooool @ Alan_B



Hi there!

I'm wondering myself. I use an i7 2600K @ (actually) 4Ghz on a MSI P67A-GD53 (B3) mainboard.


However, my MSI Control Center says:

CPU = 36° C

System = 33° C



CPU = 43° C

System = 43° C


I'm pretty sure, my BIOS itself is detecting a lower value because my CPU fan is running at 50% efficiency, with a target temperature of 40° C.




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